Kruse Enterprises is a General Construction Company based in Belgrade, MT. We bring the traditional values of a family business, over 100 years combined construction experience, educations in the engineering disciplines, and a passion for building things to every project we undertake. With a commitment to craftsmanship, artistry, creativity, and efficiency, it is our goal to provide our clients with a positive experience as well as a quality finished product.

A True Design-Build Approach

First, one of our main strengths is our ability to visualize a project and all the details involved early in the conceptual stage. Understanding the scope of your idea allows us to more quickly and efficiently provide you with exactly what you are looking for. With in-house CAD and GPS Surveying capability, engineering backgrounds, and a commitment to people, our desire is to give you access to the design process so that in the end the design is really your design.

Second, because of our unique structure as a company, the people you interact with during the design process are the same ones that you will interact with throughout the building phase. In fact, the people running the equipment, pounding the nails, and hanging the cabinets are often the same people who conceptualized the project with you originally, thus truly integrating the design build philosophy. This also means that we have the ability to solve problems and “design as you go” because your builder is your designer and your designer is your builder. With degrees in Construction, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering, we bring a unique mix of science to the practical understanding and art of construction. Add that to our varying strengths and passions and you are assured to always have the right mix of passion, expertise, and craftsmanship applied to each phase of your project.

Finally, our ability to do most of the work in house greatly enhances our ability to control scheduling, cost, and quality.

Quality & Value

In the end, quality and value is what really matters to you as a customer. A piece of who we are at Kruse Enterprises is built into each and every job we do. That means that if it isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for you.

If there is one thing other than quality that we hope to give you as a client, it is value! Any good salesman can sell you your wildest dream and get rich in the process. To give you what you need, in a creative, positive, and efficient manner takes knowledge, integrity, and hard work, three things that we promise you as a client. The end result is value for you and for us.

A Turnkey Approach

We believe the key to delivering on the promises of quality and value we make to our clients demands ownership, not only of the work we do but every part of the entire project. To best achieve this level of ownership, our construction management model necessitates a turnkey approach. Employing people with diverse skill sets and various passions, we have been able to incorporate many different trades into a nimble and robust “one stop shop”.

• We self perform most underground, excavation, utility and site work and have GPS grading capability on our equipment.
• Concrete is one of our specialties including: foundations, structural concrete, flatwork, curb & gutter. We also provide volumetric concrete services.
• We do all our wood framing, steel erection, formwork, siding, and finish carpentry. We also provide various steel fabrication services and standing seam metal roofing.
• We work with a small but quality group of subcontractors to ensure the same quality is realized in their work as we demand of ourselves.

Because of our diverse and extensive experience as tradesmen, and our broad array of equipment and tools, we are able to deploy ownership, enthusiasm, hard work, and efficiency on large or small projects.

Creativity & Innovation, Productivity & Economy, Honesty & Integrity

Creativity and Innovation are two key elements that set one project apart from others of similar scope. Employed in the right amounts at that right time they take a client’s needs and ideas and transform that idea into an attainable reality. The traditional tools of a designer, innovation brings problem solving skills and creativity brings a unique and fresh perspective to the task at hand.

Productivity and Economy are two essential qualities that directly affect the bottom line on any project. Encompassing time, monetary, and quality factors, the level of productivity and economy on a project ultimately affects the overall success of that project. Delivered throughout the process these two elements can greatly enhance the overall value received by the client.

At Kruse Enterprises, our philosophy is that both creativity and innovation, as well as productivity and economy, work hand in hand from the beginning until the end of your project. Employing quality, hardworking people with unique skills and talents assures that your project is in the hands of people dedicated to the value you receive in the final product. By seamlessly integrating the design and build phases of a project we are able to more quickly and efficiently make your dream a reality. It also assures that the right people are involved at the right time to give you, the client, not only a quality product in the end but a quality experience throughout.

Honesty and Integrity is our guarantee to each of our customers. Our name as well as part of who we are goes into each and every project we undertake. We are not satisfied with your project until you are. We endeavor to make the construction process clean, neat, and enjoyable for you as a customer. If we can’t deliver something, we won’t tell you we can. If we don’t believe in it, we won’t sell it. We consider it a privilege to have a long list of satisfied clients who can attest to this, many of whom we count among our friends. We would consider it an honor to add you to that list.