Mountain Mobile Volumetric Concrete Delivery service is a proven method of producing ready-mixed concrete.  Our truck carries rock and sand (aggregates), bulk cement, water, and admixtures, all contained in separate bins and tanks.  Each component is individually metered according to the desired mix design.  A conveyor delivers the aggregates to the Mixing Auger where the cement and liquid components are added.  The Mixing Auger then mixes and delivers the fresh concrete to the top of the chute where it flows down to the forms for placement and finishing. This system provides benefits to both the Concrete Professional as well as the consumer, such as:

Fresh every time
You never get old or previously batched mud with your order.  The chemical reaction, called hydration, begins when you start your pour, never earlier.  This ensures that the last mud you pour is as fresh as the first and each successive load can have identical slump and set characteristics.

Tailored to your needs
We put a complete range of admixtures at your fingertips to specifically tailor your mud to your jobsite’s temperature & conditions.  Add to that hot water and warm aggregate during cold weather and the result is PREDICTABLE concrete over and over again.  Rapid set admixtures can also be used to facilitate short set times, quicker finishing times and thus less labor cost.

Pause a pour
The ability to pause a pour, thus stopping the mixing process, allows for consistent workability even in hot weather or over extended pour times.

Less water required
Volumetric mixed concrete requires less water per yard to achieve the same slump as transit mixed concrete, which results in higher strength and faster setting concrete.  This lower water content per yard also reduces shrinkage resulting in less cracking & cupping.

Site mixing, only what you need
Site mixing eliminates over & under-ordering of concrete.  Volumetric mixers only mix what you need, from a wheelbarrow to the full truck load, saving $50 – $100 or more per pour as well as eliminating a short yardage minimum.

Priced comparably to transit mixed concrete, plus all of these advantages, Mountain Mobile Concrete gives you predictable, high value, and superior concrete while saving you money.