Standing Seam Metal Roll Forming

One of our specialized services is the production and installation of standing seam metal roofing.  Because we believe in the superiority of this metal roofing product over other metal roofs, as well as many other roofing products, we own and operate our own New-Tech roll former. Capable of producing a profile from 12” to 24” wide in 26 thru 22 gauge product and a wide range of colors.

Our standing seam metal roofing machine is set up to come to the job site and produce roof panels in any length necessary for the project at hand.  Completely computer controlled, this machine and the product it produces epitomizes what we are as a company.  It is economical, bulletproof, and efficient which optimizes quality and productivity giving you the customer great value and serviceability as well as an outstanding look to the final product.  We custom bend all our trim which allows us to produce a truly custom, efficient, and valuable finished project.

We have produced and installed this product on many different buildings including several personal residences, buildings at Montana State University including the football stadium, and other commercial buildings.  If you are interested in this product we encourage you to contact us about your project. Technical specifications can also be viewed here

Whether you are building a new building or re-roofing an old structure, this product will give you great value and aesthetics as well as a superior roofing product.